Swim Suits for Moms

Swim Wear for real moms

What are the bathing fashions this summer that will make you look your best and be the most functional as a women with kids?

Bathing suits can show us off at our best if we choose wisely but they can also show us off at our worst.

Not everyone should, or even want to wear the string bikinis you see all over the magazines, especially when you are picking up little ones and running after the older ones!

How do you choose a bathing suit that is right for you?

Bathing suits can vary so much, you really have to start with your body type and comfort level.  What are your best assets, how can swim wear show them off? What are your least flattering assets, and how can one properly conceal them in a bathing suit?

  • First: are you a one piece or two piece girl? There are some really great, sexy one piece suits out now, so don’t feel that swim wear is boring just because you may not want to wear a bikini.  There are also some great two piece suits that are quite figure flattering and don’t completely reveal everything!
  • Secondly: What type of neck line will best flatter you? A large chest does better with a halter top or bras style top that separates the bosom.  If you are less endowed, or more athletic, a bandeau top shows off good shoulders and arms.  The coverege of the bathing suit top can vary as well.  A sports bra type top will be more suportive but will make the chest look flat, on the other end of the spectrum is the string bikini top which has no support but show it all off!
  • Thirdly: what will work best for your legs? If you have thick or short legs a higher leg opening will be more flattering.   Skinny or long legs can wear the lower rise or boy brief type leg.
  • Finally: What kind of converge do you want for your bottom? For maximum coverage find a “swim skirt” or a “swim short” which does not cling as tightly to the body.  A Full Coverage brief will give you more coverage then a Bikini brief, and of course the least coverage is the thong.

Now what about the Design elements for that perfect swim suit for you?  Use the design elements in the suit to show off the curves you want to be seen and hide the curves you’d like to keep unnoticed.  The right design elements will also keep you covered up when you find yourself in a compromising position as you wrangle your children waterside this summer.

The top design elements to look for in a suit that can often be very flattering and functional:

  • Rouching: a great design element that adds texture to the fabric and cleverly hides many extra curves we may not want to show off in our swim wear.
  • Ruffles: another design element that adds volume to the swim piece while hiding or distracting from volume on the body
  • Color block: uses bold shapes with contrast that create lines in the design. These contrasting shapes can hide curves you don’t want to show off and create the illusion of curves were there may not be any
  • Seaming: also creates lines in the design by placing enhanced seams in the right places to help draw the eye in direction you want it to go.

Shop for your suit at stores that have “mix and match” collections so you have more choices for the exact needs of your body.  I recommend J.Crew, Lands End, and Athleta to start, but there are many options and choices out there.