Twelve Fashion Tips for her and him

  1. For women: a flesh toned Shoe will elongate your leg and work with just about every outfit in your wardrobe.
  2. For men: Have a good pair of versatile black shoes with a matching belt, and have a good pair of versatile brown shoes with a matching belt.  Versatile means shoes that are comfortable can be worn with casual jeans, or a good pair of dress slacks.
  3. For women: when purchasing jewelry try to match the scale of the design with the scale of your facial features
  4. For Men: When picking ties, coordinate the scale of the pattern with the scale of your facial features.
  5. You can mix patterns, but there is an art to it, so be careful! Make sure that if you mix patterns, like a striped tie with a check shirt, that the scale of patterns are not the same.  If you are going to mix patterns, you want them to be very distinct from each other, with a common thread like one color.
  6. Collars for both men and women should be chosen to compliment the scale of neck, shoulders and face.
  7. For men: Think carefully about pleats versus flat front pants. Pleats can add a lot of excess and unwanted volume.  Flat front pants are a cleaner look but in the wrong material can be too revealing.
  8. For Women: When purchasing trousers, consider the pockets; if you are rounder in the hip and rear you may not want pockets, or find horizontal pockets. If you are smaller in the rear, vertical pockets and back pockets can be great.
  9. Go through your clothes at the beginning of each season and try everything on, make sure you still love it all and it is all in good condition, get rid of anything that no longer works or looks dated and make a list of everything that needs to be replaced
  10. Accessories are the key to finishing an outfit; this includes those items you carry around with you every day; your wallet, phone, watch, purse, briefcase, even your umbrella. Don’t be ambivalent when picking these items, think about their style, and if that style represents you well!
  11. Show off the parts of yourself that you feel really good about: if it’s your eyes, where a great accessories that accentuates their color, if it’s your white teeth, wear white, if it’s your hands wear a flashy ring.
  12. Five Good Quality Classic pieces that everyone should have: A trench coat, a suit jacket, a white shirt, great jeans, “go –to” shoes

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