Being a mom and staying stylish


Mothers dressing up

As a mother now, I’m always checking out other women who are pushing strollers, caring baby carriers or have little one’s in tow.

I can’t help it, I suddenly feel some kind of weird kindred bond to them.

As an Image Consultant, I also find myself studying there clothing choices, not to judge, but more from curiosity to see what may be working for them.  It is field research with an entirely new point of view.  Staying put together and taking care of yourself while taking care of children is a difficult challenge and by far not an easy thing to accomplish.

441047_AJ14_FF_MXR$prp_4up_v2$ Women’s Fit and Flare Maxi Dress,

Putting your own needs last happens quickly.  It is an easy slope to start sliding down; the first time you are overwhelmed with mom stuff and give into the “it’s easy and it’s comfortable, and who cares anyway” choice.  Every time you walk out the door and wear that ugly sweatshirt in public it makes it that much easier the next time, until you’ve stopped noticing what you look like at all.  So I’m always doing a bit of mental research on how to avoid that first wrong step.  I’m constantly surprised and pleased with many of the ensembles I see put together from my fellow mothers who did manage to maintain their own personal style while stilling being able to get around their daily duties as a mom.

There are some creative, fashion forward ladies out there who seem to manage getting out of the house looking great with the diaper bag, stroller, carrier and even the baby!

I’ve seen a lot of skinny jeans with boots and a long cardigan wrap.  And why not?  It is a great look, it works, it is comfortable/manageable and allows for some personal style. I’ve seen this look dressed up with silky tops and fun jewelry… (all child tested of course, and until your children are older than three maybe skip the dangly earnings!)  I’ve seen it made more casual chic with a great scarf and blingy belt.  The other recent trend that works great is the maxi skirt or dress with a low maintenance jacket or cardigan.  Again it’s easy, cute and can have so much individual personality.

DIANE von FURSTENBERG Wrap Dress - Julian Contrast Trim

DIANE von FURSTENBERG Wrap Dress – Julian Contrast Trim

One of the most stunning scenes was a gorgeous woman placing a baby carrier in a big SUV cooing over the child inside, she wore 3” nude pumps, a fabulous DVF style dress and a chic ponytail.  She was probably non-human she looked so perfectly polished…but the wrap dress was a stunning statement on anyone and what a perfect mom-uniform!

I just love seeing mom’s looking stylish and chic, it’s so thrilling for me, and I really do feel so great for them.  I hope that all Moms can always feel as great as these women look!

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