Dressing your baby bump

Dressing one’s baby bump best, requires a few considerations to factor in:
• Are you trying to enhance the miracle that is growing inside you and make sure everyone knows that yes, you are pregnant?
• Or are you still a little uncomfortable talking about it and would rather keep it a private experience so while dressing the bump minimizing it is your main objective.
• Or, has your entire body changed so much you just have no idea how to dress with out just wrapping a sheet around yourself and calling it a day?
Anyone of these objectives can pose some stumbling blocks and you may find yourself having all these desires at different times, throughout your pregnancy.
To enhance your bump, start with fitted, stretchy maternity pieces. Knit fabrics or spandex blends are ideal. Light colors enhance volume, so choose pieces in whites, light shades or bright colors. Accessorizing with a belt just below the bust line is flattering and nicely draws the eye to your proud bump. This is especially effective with a dark belt in contrast to the light top. Shimmer is another element that attracts attention, so some sparkle on the belt or a top in a fabric with sheen like satin are great ways to get that amazing baby belly some attention. The simpler and cleaner the outfit, the more the belly will show up. This is really a case of less is more? If you really want to showcase that bump of yours minimize the rest of the outfit making your pregnant belly the ultimate statement piece!

To minimize the bump, look for pieces of clothing, especially tops with a bit of natural volume and movement to them. Things that flow around rather than hugging your body, especially at the mid-section are what you should be looking for. Empire waist pieces can be very flattering and can minimize the size of the belly, but they tend to look like maternity pieces, so they don’t minimize the fact that you are pregnant as well. Instead look for drop waist pieces with a blousey top, these also minimize the appearance of the belly in a much less obvious way. Darker colors diminish the appearance of volume so darker colors at the waist are ideal. Lines and layers that run vertically and diagonally over the belly will also reduce the appearance of size. If you really want to make that belly visually disappear wear outfits with many layers, a dark color over the belly and lighter colors or patterns that will attract the eye on areas away from the waist line. Again the more volume there is in the fabric, and the more dimension the outfit has the less a bump in the belly will be recognized.

To deal with your body that is suddenly and completely foreign, and can no longer fit into half the clothes in your closet, start with pieces that have movement and give to them. This is a time that clothing with forgiveness should take center stage. Pieces that are not too fitted, that are loose in style, and are particularly easy around the waist. Find pieces you love with interesting design details that are meant to have a relaxed fit. Then think about how to accessorize yourself with fabulous scarves, shoes, jewelry and bags, or anything else that does not come in sizes. It’s really important that you feel proud of your pregnant body, so even it’s turned into something you are unfamiliar with find a way to adorn it with beauty and make sure you feel amazing.

enhancing the baby bumpdmc1dmc2No Matter how you approach the challenge of dressing your baby bump it is important that you find a way to feel good about yourself through those nine plus months. Be proud of your body and the miracle it’s creating by celebrating yourself and dressing at your best every day.

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