Well Dressed Maternity Month 7

It’s month 7 and it may be time to start thinking about a wardrobe update!
Maybe you are simply getting bored with your maternity wardrobe, or a few pieces are not fitting as well anymore. You may also have found that those few Go-To pieces you end up wearing all the time are starting to show that wear and lose their luster.
I found that I had a particular skirt and a pair of leggings I lived in, finally they began to look faded, loos a bit of their shape, and I even found some holes! Purchasing a second and third pair of leggings and replacing the skirt was the best decision I made.
You will also know by now if you have any holes in your wardrobe. I had one woman tell me how she had so carefully planned this perfect maternity wardrobe, only to find that the one thing she desperately needed was a basic casual layer she could close up. A simple knit jacket that zipped up made all the difference for her during her third trimester.
If you feel like you are simply missing a few of those special pieces to make you excited about getting dressed, here are some brands and recourses I like:
Isabella Oliver, Japanese Weekend, Monzelle, and Hadley Stilwell.
Also consider accessorizing as you think about freshening up your wardrobe. The bonus to accessories is that they tend to be much more versatile then any single item of clothing, and they will not be limited to a maternity wardrobe. So purchasing new accessories now will not be limited to use just for the next few months.
As you head into your final trimester of your pregnancy, it is important that you feel great about yourself and how you look. Having the right wardrobe is key to maintaining a healthy self-image. Make sure there are pieces that you love to wear and feel great in. From Month five, you hopefully have a terrific start. Now you can make those little changes and tweaks to get you through this final push.

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