Well Dressed Maternity Month 6

It’s month six and it is time to talk about Undergarments!
I need to admit that this is something I have struggled with through my own pregnancy. I LOVE, and highly value good, supportive underwear, especially bras.
As an Image consultant I am a big fan of proper support, and being a D+ cup size most of my life I have always loved a great underwire bra!
You can only imagine my despair as my precious underwire bras, over the course of my pregnancy became more and more unbearable. Some days I would get home and the first thing I would do is tear the bra off as soon as I could.
This is a story many women have experienced with me.
Your body is more sensitive, things normally comfortable itch, and it’s hard to stand pressure and tightness where it never bothered you before.
Yet, you still need some support.
Nursing bras are a good investment to make now. They are fairly supportive, are a bit more comfortable than a standard bra, and you will need them after your pregnancy if you plan on nursing. I also found that a good sports bra, one with molded, SEPERATED cups, are supportive and though not as sophisticated or quite as flattering as the underwire bra, they are much more bearable during this sensitive time. If your are an A or a B cup, there are some great soft cup bras with a wide spandex back that are very comfortable and give decent support.
For your Growing belly, you will also want to think about underwear.
It is the waist band and where it hits you that can drive you crazy!
Please purchase some maternity underwear. They are not as sexy but I guarantee that there will be many more moments during your pregnancy that the comfort factor of your underwear will be much more important than the sexy factor.
If you want sexy as well, another great alternative is a low rise panty made of a soft pliable material.
Tights and stockings, as well as Shape war should also be considered. If you need to dress up during your pregnancy, these special maternity pieces may be needed. Many woman preferred the maternity shapewear because it gave them added support they appreciated and ended up wearing this as a day to day undergarment. I found myself in tights all of the time and I was thankful for the few pair of maternity tights I purchased.
The other highly valued purchase was the belly band. It gives a bit of support and prevents the belly from accidently being exposed when you may not want it to.
You will find that your undergarments while pregnant are a completely different experience then what you are used to. Do a bit of experimentation, try different styles on and keep an open mind!

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