Well Dressed Maternity: Month 4

It’s probably time to think about doing a little bit of shopping now….
But please, don’t panic and run out and buy a bunch of clothes you may not really need, or ever wear.
This is time to get a few new pieces that are not necessarily Maternity clothes.
They do still need to be comfortable and forgiving, especially at the waist line, so that you can wear them for the next month or two. Think about how you can add to the wardrobe you already started at month three. Again, your tops should still be working for you, especially the longer ones. It’s the waist line that starts to be the problem. What you need to think about getting are great pants, skirts, and possibly the right dress.
One woman I spook with said she lived in a knit sweater dress for most of her second trimester.
Knits and spandex blends are truly your best friends right now.
Be careful of thick elastic waist bands though…the elastic will not mold to your changing body as nicely as knit blends will.
Try on the pieces that you are thinking about and push your belly out as far as it will go, if the garment allows you to do this comfortably, then it is the type of piece that you want.
Again you only need about three bottoms that can mix and match with the tops you heave. These few new pieces should get you through the next month before you really need to start thinking about maternity pieces.
This is a great time to have fun with creative new outfits. Use these new wearable bottoms and mix them with top layering pieces that should not be effected by fit just yet, and don’t forget to add accessories which you should not have grown out of.

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