10 helpful Maternity dressing tips

You just found out your pregnant!

Your body will quickly be changing and the clothes in your closet are going to become less and less wearable before you know it.  You have months of awkward dressing ahead of you…how do you make the process of dressing for this changing body easy and enjoyable without buying an entire new wardrobe of Maternity Clothes that you’ll only be able to use for a few months at best?


  1. First, it’s about taking the focus away from the waist.  Find clothes that are roomy around the natural waist, and rather, draw the eye to the bust line with an empire waist or the Hip with a dropped waist.
  2. Many women feel awkward and anything but sexy while pregnant, so taking advantage of a fuller bust is a great way to bring the sex appeal back!  For most women, the bust is fuller then they have had in the past, so they should enjoy it for a little while.  Show the “girls” off while they are fullest…in a modest way of course.  When choosing tops pay attention to the neck line, as the bust grows some necklines may be less suitable then they normally are.
  3. As Always, when trying to minimize the appearance of volume, soft draping, Diagonal lines, rouching and well placed seems are all miracle workers!  These design details do wonders to help minimize appearance of volume, so they are helpful in camouflaging a growing belly and are easy to find in tops at most major stores. 
  4. Avoid shine.  Reflective surfaces draw the eye in and make the object that the light is bouncing off of appear larger.  If your goal is to show off your beautiful baby bump, then get your shimmer on with satins, velvets and iridescent.  But if you are trying to be more subtle about your changing body, stick to matt fabrics with a more muted palette.
  5. Embrace the Layers.  Extra long tops as bottom layers are an easy way to camouflage the belly.  A V-neck cardigan over another layer will also help minimize a larger bust.  Layers create dimension to an outfit, so they can distract from what is going on underneath.  Layers are also a great way to wear softer more comfortable clothes and still look thoughtfully put together.
  6. The belly band really is an inexpensive, basic and useful tool for dressing a pregnant body.  With this simple piece you can hide a multitude of ill-fitting clothing flaws and make things work just a bit longer!
  7. A few maternity pieces you may want to invest in:  Since pants really are the article that will not fit as your waist disappears get maternity Jeans, and black or dark brown pants.  Another thing you may want to invest in from the maternity department is a few T-shirts and Camisoles for layering.  Also, think about a great dress that you feel comfortable in for each stage of your pregnancy.
  8. Shoes:  plan ahead.  Find easy, comfortable, cute shoes before you get deep into your pregnancy.  For the most part, you will not want to be wearing heels much, if at all, and dealing with straps, buckles, ties and even snaps are going to be impossible once you’re past month 5.  You need shoes that slip on and support…but make sure they are also interesting, rather than choosing black, pick a metallic or even a “poppy” color.
  9. Things to look for that you don’t need to buy at the maternity store:  If it’s warmer weather sun dresses are simple pieces that flow over a pregnant body easily, and really look beautiful.  For chillier weather; Shawl cardigans and wrap sweaters, are meant to drape and have an easy fit, so the shape of the body underneath is less important to how the piece looks.
  10.  Take time with the extras: Jewelry, hair and make-up.  This is the easy stuff that is not affected by the size of your belly, bust or feet.  So take a moment or two to think about these things.  Make-up can be nothing more than foundation and lip loss, get a fun easy hair-cut before your very pregnant so you don’t have to over think it when you are too pregnant to want to, and have a few great pieces of jewelry that always make you smile.  This is when you may want to think statement pieces, even if they are inexpensive costume jewelry; they will add interest and style to the most basic of outfits!

Maternity Wear Intro

I’d like to talk today a bit about how to prepare a wardrobe for pregnancy.

Let’s say you just got the amazing news that you are pregnant..What next?

Many women, especially those going through the process for the first time, have no idea what to expect, are extremely overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn to sort it all out.

There is so much to do and think about, I’m here to help with the What-to-Wear part!

The best thing to do is to plan ahead, but many times that is easier said than done, as time silently passes us by in our busy, over scheduled lives.